A view on the act of speaking

DA DA SCHAU considers the narrative about the view as a staged experience. The rooftop terrace is transformed into a theatrical setting that lets us become not only spectators and listeners, but also actors. Three audio plays and other shorter sound recordings offer new points of contact with what we usually experience with our senses, when we are on a viewing terrace – a city narrative. Not only do they lead to new insights, they also generate questions.

Do the audio recordings accompany our gaze in a pleasant way? Or do they become an irritating disturbance that interferes with our field of vision? To what extent do we establish links between the spoken word and our parallel perception? Can the heard voice stimulate movement in space? How does the incomprehensible spoken word challenge us? How do we deal with the irritating moment when we cannot attribute words or perceive them with other senses? In what way does voice function when it appeals to our other senses in an altered context?

The spoken words are to be perceived as a stimulus to engage with the view over the city’s rooftops, and with the act of speaking and its meaning in our everyday use. The installation explores the material quality of the voice and scrutinises spaces of action within the act of speaking. DA DA SCHAU provides clues to the weight of speech, the interplay of the speaking act, the sense of hearing and the sense of sight.

In a tongue-in-cheek way, the obvious subject of the view thus becomes a speech act that can be experienced as fragile, irritating, moving and with humour.

Prompters with impaired speech, narrated descriptions of places beyond our field of vision and colourful accounts of distant city impressions, turn the view into a small showpiece about the act of speaking.

DA DA SCHAU is an invitation to discover narratives in new ways and to self-interact with them.